Battambang Province

battambang landmark Battambang or Battambong is the capital city of Battambang province in northwestern of the Kingdom of Cambodia Asia. Second largest city, Battambang was founded in the eleventh century by the Khmer Empire on the banks of the River Sangker, it has an important place in the economy. Battambang is known for being the leading rice-producing province of the Kingdom. Populated by Khmer with a mix of ethnic Vietnamese, Lao, Thai and Chinese. Battambang is the main hub of the Northwest connecting region with Phnom Penh and Thailand, and as such it’s a vital link to Cambodia.

Where to eat and drink in Battambang

There are plenty of restaurants in Battambang city. Most of the restaurants and cafe along the road 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 are mostly serve the foreign food. However, you can the local food in their menu. Beer garden is popular for local people. They go with family or friend to eat and listen to live music. In beer garden you have find some pretty ladies sitting in row in the entry gate to greet costumer; if you are alone you can ask ladies to sit and drink with you. Food on the street is popular for teens. Normally they are cheaper than the big restaurants. Night market is also a good choice for foreigner to try the local food. There are two night market. The old night market, which is in front of the post office, open from evening (4 pm-5 pm) to early morning (2 am). The new night market is in front of Central market (Nat Market), opens from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Where to sleep in Battambang

There are many guest houses and hotels cheaper than many countries the price of a good hotel is around 10 $ and even 5 $ per night. There are also Hotels with high service, restaurant and swimming pool that you can stay. The price is about 20 $ up 100 $ depend on what style you choose, hotel or resort.
battambang resort where to sleep battambong cambodia

What to visit and do in Battambang province Cambodia

The French Colonial architecture a key market and beautiful surroundings make the charm of Battambong. Tourists never forget Kamping Puy lake, where they can relax and eat local food. There are some ancient temples that was build by the kings of pre-Angkor era. Khmer circus is also an activities that visitor visit in the evening. Read full article about things to do and see in Battambang province of Cambodia.

Football live in Battambang

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Activity in Battambang like Boat Racing and exhibition. There are many Buddhist ceremonies is very interesting to join.