Cambodia Information

Introduction to the history of Cambodia

The ancient Cambodia starts since the stone age, about  2 300 BC the Cambodian was familiar with farming. About the 500 BC people found out about using iron in their daily life. About the year of 150 AD, Chinese found Cambodia, which is called this country FU-NAN, traded with country.

At the beginning of the 9th century, the king Jayavarman II leaded this country to be empire. The Khmer Empire was powerful as such the Angkor Wat temple was built in the early of 12th century. After the King Jayavarman V was assassin (about 1000AD) the country was fallen in the the civil war. There were fighting for the throne between the royal family.

in 1431, Cambodia Capital (Angkor) was in the colonized of Thai. The new capital was formed in Phnom Phen which is the center of the 4 rivers mix. About the mid of 16th century, Angkor Wat temple was discovered by Cambodia King.

During the 18th century, Cambodia was under the force of the neighbor countries, Thailand and Vietnam. In the late of 18th century, to protect the weak country from the invading of the neighbor, the king forced himself to take the Thai protection but gave up the north-west of the country to Thai.

The country was not stable, the two countries still invaded Cambodia. The king turn on to the other for help. In the 1850, French missionaries reach Cambodia. In 1863, Cambodia is under French colony. Under the French rule was fine except the heavy taxed. The country once independent by Japanese favor but again in rule of French in 1945. IN 1953, the King Sihanouk gain the country independent from French successfully. From 1955 to 1970 the king Sihanouk rule the country. His era start crumble in 1968. He left the country in 1970.

In 1975, Cambodia is under the lead of PolPot and began the regime of Khmer Rouge. During this regime, Cambodia was a agricultural country. The rule is, no private property, the rice supposed to be 3 tonnes per hectare, no more machine, no religion, no position between the citizens. The estimation, 3 million of Cambodian civil died during the last 3 years.

In 1978, Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and ended the Khmer Rouge. In 1998, Pol Pot died.

In 1993, the first elections was held in Cambodia with the support of UN. In 1999, Cambodia became ASEAN member.

In 2004, the kind Sihanouk pass away, his son Sihamoni got the throne. In 2005 oil was discovered in the sea off Cambodia Today the Cambodian still live by farming. The country become better with the foreign investment in the country wild.

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