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How to Greet People in Cambodia


Greeting is very important for the first time express your manner. Sampeah, pressing the palms together before the chest, is the formal way to do along when you say ‘Chumreap Sour’ (formal hello) ‘Okun’(Thanks), and ‘Sam Tos’ (sorry). Chumreap Sour is said when you meet older people or to greet in a formal way. If you meet a person who greets you by the word Chumreap Sour, you should response to him/her the same. ‘Sour Sadey’ is other way to greet each other. Mostly, it’s being said to people in the same age, younger, or people you’ve already known. Smiling is a way to greet people when you don’t know them, each person doesn’t have time to talk, or to show welcome. Please don’t be surprise when you see a person you doesn’t know smiles to you. However, shake hand is also acceptable.

Cambodia Religion

theravada buddhist religion

90% of Cambodian believe in Buddhist, Theravada Buddhist. 1% of Cambodian believe in Christian and the remaining population believe in Islam, atheism, or animism. Because the Buddism seems to be the official religion of the country, the big events of Buddism are become traditional and put as the bank holidays of the calendar of the country. Those event such as Meak Bochea, Pesak Bochea, Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben.

Noise is normal for special Ceremony such as Funeral, Wedding, house warming, anniversary and so on. If you are invited to join one of those ceremony you’re suppose to prepare a gift to the host. Normally, money is the best choice for the gift. You just put the money in an envelop and give to the host before or after you leave. Funeral are only ceremony you’re not suppose to be invited by host. By the way, you may be invited by a friends or relative of the funeral host or you can go by yourself. If you go to the funeral, you’re not suppose to wear bright color, black and wife are the best choice. Wedding is the happy day, you should not wear black in this special event since it risible of the death.

Language in Cambodia

Khmer language

Khmer language

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia. English is spoken about 50% of people. However, people in remote area may not understand English at all. Older people who were born before PolPot region may understand France. Chinese also well know between business people and teens who half Chinese blood. Other languages such as Thai, Vietnamese and Korean are also learnt by young people.

Wedding in Cambodia

wedding reception in cambodia

Wedding is very important to Cambodian women. Normally the wedding ceremony holds in the bride’s house. The whole ceremony takes 3 days. However nowadays people celebrate only 1 and half day because of the time and budget. The last day of the wedding is a party which the guests are invited. This wedding reception, the guests are suppose to leave a gift to the bride and groom and it’s a money about 7$ to 200$ depends on the area and how close the guest to the bride or the groom.