Cambodia Economy

Cambodia’s main income source is agriculture while textiles and tourism are the important industries of the country.

Garment sector in Cambodia

garment industry cambodia
In 2012, the percentage of garment exports rose almost 8%, $4.61 billion.The half year of 2013, the export is about $1.56 billion. There are 335,400 workers in this sector. Almost 91% of the workers are females. The countries that invest in this industry are Taiwan (28%), China (19%), Hong Kong (17%), and South Korea (13%) and the other are Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Japan. There are only 13 factories (5%) owned by Cambodian investors.

Tourism sector in Cambodia

tourist in cambodia

Since the 1990s, tourism has become Cambodia’s largest industry. The tourist arrivals increase nearly 35% in 2007. The targets of tourists visiting are Angkor Wat temple and other ancient temples, Royal palace, Tonle Sap lake, natural water fall. In 2006, this sector made the country generated 250, 000 jobs.