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Cambodia Travel Information

Are you ready to discover Cambodia? Travelling in Cambodia is very fun. All you need is some tips to go around this beautiful country. The first thing you need to know is

Visa: How do you get a visa to Cambodia, how much you must pay for each type of visa? Is there any way to get multi entry visa…

2. Getting in and out: There are 3 border countries of Cambodia, though you can enter Cambodia in several way. Which border is the easiest?

3. Communication: Once you get in Cambodia, you must adapt yourself to the culture of local people, try to understand the way they and follow them.

4. Transportation is still a question; How do you get from a place to other place? Does the public transportation work well? Which transportation you must take, a van, bus, Tuktuk, or mototaxi? what you must know about it? Check this you will get some tips to save your time and money every times you move.