Communication in Cambodia

Communication in Cambodia

Getting in Cambodia, if you see people you don’t know smile to you, don’t be surprise; they’re trying to communicate with you or to be friendly. If you go to the rural area, you will hear villagers greet each other by questioning. Those question are likely: how are you?, where do you go?, what are you doing?, what do you have for meal?, how is your family?… Life in the rural village is simple. Most of the villagers know each other very well. Sharing food or borrow each other equipment is very common in village. In contrast, the life of city is busy and little rude. Some time the neighbor doesn’t know each other, yet people will help each other if they are in trouble such as accident.

Mobile phone

There are many phone shop all around Cambodia. You can buy phone in any model you like. Now the system of mortgage works. If you don’t have enough money to buy your dream phone, you can pay the deposit and pay the rest by month depend on the policy of the shop.

To buy sim-card is easy. Every phone shop sell this. Even in the airport, you can buy sim-card to call. All you need is your identity card or your passport. Some company provide free sim-card to customers. When you buy sim-card you need to buy credit card to access your number phone.

Internet access

If you stay near the center of the city you can have internet access easily. There are few company working with internet access such as:

Some of the mobile phone company also sell small modem to access internet. You buy their small modem and the internet package.

Mail in Cambodia

Post office is working. It’s little slow. The post office may not delivery your letter of things to your house because they doesn’t cover all address of the city. If you don’t have a good address and you want to use the post office system, you can rent the post box in the post office. The renting box last for 1 year. You must check your box often. However, if you want the faster way to transfer things from one province to other province you can use private company or bus instead. For this system, you must make sure you give the correct phone number because the company only call your partner when the things arrive.