Getting in and out Cambodia

Getting in and out Cambodia

How to get in and out of Cambodia? It’s easy, you can get in by plane, by land border or by boat. How many airport? Which border you can cross?

Getting in and out by Flight

  1. Phnom Pehn International Airport
  2. Siem Reap International Airport
  3. Sihanouk Ville International Airport

Going to the airport, it’s pretty small if you compare to some country. However, you’d better take your breakfast or meal before head to the airport since there aren’t may food store you can choose to eat.

Getting in and out by Land

 Thailand border:

  1. Osmach (Odor meanchey province)
  2. Cham Yeam (Koh Kong province)
  3. Poi Pet (Banteay Meanchey province)
  4. Prum (Pailin Province)
  5. Sihanouk ville (Sihanouk ville)
  6. ChoamSanguam (Banteay meanchey province)
  7. Doung (Battambang province)
  8. Preah vihear (Preah vihear province)


Vietnam Border:

  1. Bavet (Svay rieng province)
  2. Banteay Chakrey (Preyveng province)
  3. Koh Rohka (Preyveng province)
  4. Kha Orm Sam Nor (Kandal province)
  5. Tropeang Sre (Kratie province)
  6. Prek Chak(Kampot province)
  7. Phnom Den (Takeo province)
  8. Oyadav (Rattak kiri province)
  9. Tropieng Phlong (Kapong Cham province)

Lao Border:

  1. Tropieng Kreal (Steung Treng province)
  2. Dong Krola (Steung Treng province)

Come to Cambodia by land border sometimes it’s annoying. Some people may cause you problem such as don’t let you go to the migration officer for your visa by self but make you give your passport to him for getting the visa. This man may take commission, or you can’t get the visa you want. Some people may have bad experiences with some driver who try to get your belonging to his vehicle. For people who don’t want to have so much annoying situation, you’d better come to Cambodia by flight. It’s faster and easier to get your visa on arrival. Anyway, for who would like to spend less, crossing border is the good choice. What you need is to be careful with all your property, negotiate the price with taxi driver before you get on the vehicle.

For Cambodian citizen who want to get out of Cambodia, if you can afford the flight ticket, you can save your time. You need to plan ahead and book the flight ticket few months before your trip. The longer you book, the cheaper ticket flight is.