Cambodia Visa

Cambodia Visa Information

Visa tourist

Tourist visa fee is 30$. You can see directly on your visa the letter ‘T’ or sometimes the word ‘tourist’. You can get this visa by migration office in Cambodia’s border or in international airport. This visa last for 30 days. You cannot do multi entry with this visa. If you get this visa, you cannot have other visa title unless you get out of Cambodia.

Visa normal

Visa normal or Visa business fee is only 35$. You can recognize this visa title by the letter ‘E’ on the visa. The good thing of this normal visa is you can extend your visa from 1 month to 12 months. If you trip will be more than 30 days, you’d better take Visa Normal (visa business). You spend only 5$ more. For extending your Visa Normal (Visa business) you can take service of travel agencies or ask the hotel you stay in, who will take small commission for their service. It may need few days to finish.

Getting visa on arrival in border is not very easy as in the airport. What you need to have is a passport-size photo, your own passport. You may meet some guys try not to let you get in to the migration office yet propose you to get visa through him. It’s not free of charge service, you get to pay commission to them. By the way, if you don’t have many baggage, be strong to say no to them and go directly to the migration office.

Visa for Cambodian citizen around Asia

Cambodian who would like to get a visa to visit or to live in other foreign countries is hard or easy depend on the country. Some countries provide Cambodian a visa exemptions; if you take a tour to:

– Lao : 30 days

– Indonesia: 30 days

– Malaysia: 30 days

– Philippines: 21 days

– Singapore: 30 days

– Thailand: 14 days

– VietNam: 30 days