Travel Tips Cambodia

Are you planning to visit Cambodia? There are travel guide that you should know before you step in this beautiful country.

What to see in Cambodia

angkor wat temple
Angkor Wat: is a beautiful wonderful ancient temple in Siem Reap Province. Angkor Wat is also the historical of Cambodia colonial era. Angkor Wat was register with UNESCO and well known in the world.
Tonle Sap: See how the floating village in Cambodia look like. You will see the natural life of local people along biggest river of Cambodia. The floating Villages are famous to access from Siem Reap province and Porsat province.
Sihanoukville: here come to visit beautiful beaches, plenty of Island such as Koh Rong, Koh Rabbit.. If you’re looking for a heaven place, Koh Sang Sa is the island that you can rent a high rank hotel service just like the king of the island.

koh rong beach

Koh Rong Beach

Phnom Penh: tourist like the night light Phnom Penh is the best choice, the city never sleep. In the day you can visit The Killing Field Museum, The Royal Palace, The national Museum and take the boat to see the sun set along Mekong river.
Kep: famous in crab, pepper, and island near by. It’s quiet and cheaper than Sihanoukville.
Kamport: visit the Bokor National Park to claim the mountain and get to know the forest there. You can also visit pepper farms and salt farm.
salt field kampot

Salt Farm Kampot

Battambang: is the peaceful beautiful province that wins the cleanest city of Cambodia. Battambang is famous in French Colonial architecture, bamboo train and man made Kom Ping Puy lake. You can find the real life of Cambodia. Learn more about Battambang’s tourist attraction
Local Market: is one thing you may not miss when you’re in Cambodia. It’s very special and you may find it’s odd. You may not find any market like that in your country. Read our Cambodia Market tips here.

Travel guides you may not miss

Before going to Cambodia first thing you may need to know is how to get a visa? and what type of visa you may need? How much does it cost? Read our detail about Visa Cambodia.
Food is the next thing you may need. Do you think you like Khmer local food or you prefer the western style? Luckily Cambodia has all style of restuarant you may need. See our reviews about food here.
Apart of accommodation and food, transportaion you need the most when you want to move from place to place. See more detail about transportation in Cambodia.
When you visit the country, their culture is the most important thing you need to know, what you should do and must not do in Cambodia.