What to do and not to do in Cambodia

If you’re about to visit Cambodia, you must learn this Cambodia taboo to know what you can do and cannot do in Cambodia kingdom of Wonder.

So what can do and what must not do in Cambodia?

There is no specific rule about what to do and don’t. There’s a costume that Khmer people respect each other and their traditional as well as religion.

What you should do

– never forget to greet people by “Sam Peah” say “Chum Reap Sur” for hello and “Chum reap lea” to say good bye. look for more information to greet people in Cambodia Culture.
– Ask if you have to take off your shoes before get on somebody house.
– Take off your hat or cap, earphone, sun glasses when you talk to elder or monk. It’s for showing respect.
– Bring some fruit or cookies or soft drink to the host family if you’re invited to visit their house. Flower is not common gift in Cambodia.
– If you’re going to visit a patient in hospital you’d better bring snack, fruit (coconut, orange…), fresh milk than flower. Again, flower is not common gift for visiting people especially hospital.
– If you are going to a wedding reception in Cambodia, get yourself dress up, and be ready to eat and drink all you want. It’s a custom to give Money as a wedding gift. You can prepare it before hand by put money in a envelop or you wait in the party you’ll be given envelop. You can give the wedding gift to the parents of the bride and/or groom or direct to the wedding couple.

What you don’t must do

– Don’t touch somebody head without permission. Head is the most respect part of the body.
– Don’t point your index finger to someone face. It’s very rude.
– Don’t wear hat/cap when you enter the Buddhist temple area. And take off your shoes when you’re claiming in the temple.
– Don’t kiss or hug in public. Physical contact is not to be shown in Cambodia. It’s refer to the traditional.
– Women don’t ever touch a monk, it’s religion’s rule.
– If you are going to join wedding, please don’t wear all black because black for wedding is not welcome color.
– Joining a funeral, you should never wear bright color like red or blue. The best is white and black.
Respect local people as yourself you’ll be fine.