Food in Cambodia

Local Khmer food

rice breakfast
Main dish of Cambodian citizen is rice with soup, vegie, meat…
For local people they can eat rice with some meal for the 3 times dish of the day. Some food you can find in the menu in restaurant but some you may not. Different area is different taste of food and different cooking style.

Khmer Taste

The food has a strong taste. People like sweet, sour, salty. Vegetable is found almost in every dish. Garlic is an ingredient you see all in khmer food,
toek kroeurng

Western food and other food

restaurant cambodia
What can you do if you can’t eat those local food? Are there any western food that you can eat?
You don’t have to worry, there are many restaurants around the country that have western food or Asian food in there menu. Pasta, pizza, burger is very easy to find in any restaurant.
taco cambodia restaurant

pasta cambodia