Market in Cambodia

Market in Cambodia

There are several local markets in all over the country. In the local market there is no elevator, no air-con; people sell on the shelter and on the ground. There are also malls and super market in some city, but you may find it more expensive or less local food or ingredient there. Fresh fish, fresh meat, chicken and fresh vegetable are sold in local market. The busy time is around 6 am to 10 am, and not all the things you see in the morning appear in the evening. The market sells seasonal stuff such as fruit or some kind of vegetable. The price is not fixed; it varies through its season.

  1. Buying fish:

seafood centralmarket phnompehn

There are fishes around the market. Each fish are not well clean or done as you used to see in supermarket. Some fish are alive. You pick which kind of fish you like, then seller will put it on the weight counter. The price of fish is depended on what type of fish it is. Some fish are more than 5$ per one kilogram, some fish may be less. After you can ask if the seller can clean the mess around the fish for you such as break up the scale, cut out the fish stomach or cut out the head.

  1. Fruit:

fruit in market

There are local fruit and import fruit. In Cambodia, there is no apple, big crape farm. People import from Thailand, China, Vietnam .ect. Some fruit such as mango, guava, dragon fruit, jack fruit or pineapple are from local farm. However, if you see those fruit in different season, it may not from the local farm.

  1. Clothing:

There are plenty of store sell clothes around Battambang city. You can buy in the store or in the market. Make sure you give a good bargain price because the seller won’t give the good price at the first time. Some of the shop will sell half of the price they tell you at first.

  1. Meat:

Pork, beef or chicken is near each other store in the market. There is no clean, slice or chopped meat that you can cook once you buy.

  1. Second hand clothes:

There are some sellers sell second hand clothes. These clothes are from foreign country. Some people like to buy clothes from these stores because it was kind of fun and cheap but new for them.

  1. What to avoid:

If you don’t want seller to scold you in the morning, please don’t ever bargain their products yet don’t buy early in the morning (early than 10 am), especially for the cloth seller or shoes seller. For the food sellers is never happen because they already have customer more or less even you don’t buy.